Another poem:

What beauty it is to see a loved one,

all grown up again,

and as you sit down,

you think of all the things you did together,

from the good times,

and to the bad times,

you fall asleep and finally drift,

to where you belong,

safe and sound.



Another poem:

I’m a girl with no protection,

no one to watch my back,

As I walk through the towns,

I see little boys and girls being watched by loving parents,

As I continue to walk a little girl runs up to me,

she asks me am I loved,

but I replied if was loved I wouldn’t be here walking alone,

the little girl then hands me a beautiful red rose and hugs me,

she tells me that I am loved because she is my beautiful daughter,

my precious rose.


Another poem:

Love is beautiful,

yet mysterious,

it enchants all of those who fall under its spell,

it shows our tender sides of who we are,

it makes us so happy,

but it can also make us upset and angry,

it is love

love who enchants us all.


Another poem.

When you see a child acting tough,

what do you think is wrong with them,

a child only acts like this when a parent lost their love for them,

the child then goes into the world lashing out at people,

afraid because no one loves them,

they struggle to continue living,

they are forever bound to darkness,

until somone leads them to light

then they will be loved,

at last they are loved.

Never surrender

Another poem.

Everyone tells you to give up when there’s no chance,

never give up because there is a chance,

You can see hope shining down,

while others cannot,

You refuse to give up because your heart tells you not to,

Belive in one’s heart and it will say to you so gently and quietly,

“Do not give up there will be away out of this just believe in yourself”

“Only you can make yourself keep going”



Another poem i hope you like it:

There is a world,  

Where our imaginations live at,

They change the way we think,

but our imagination is the greatest thing to have,

when our parents no longer have that imagination,

We are the ones who will keep it alive,

We keep imagination through are minds but mainly the heart,

as long as we can use our imagination,

our hearts will forever be opened to new opportunities in the cruel world.


I got another poem. I hope you like it:

They say the key to happiness is to do what you like,

but what if you can’t do what you like,

Your stuck in a cage,

Where you can’t be realeased,

You scream and scream for somone to release you,

Will you be released?

Or will you be stuck in your cage waiting for someone to free you?

Is this what you call happiness?

– shino