Journey of the Damned Intro

“He is the death angel,

But he is kind deep down,

but he doesn’t know why he’s despise.

He brings sorrow to himself in order to give happiness to others,

but he will be the one to save us all.”

    That was the prophecy of the great oracle. But it was also its lasts words because it died after it said the message. “King Marlone, King Marlone!” yelled the knight. “What is it Rowan?”the king asks. “The oracle has left a message but it died afterwards!”Rowan shouts,his eyes glowing of red and blue. “Rowan have control over yourself,you’re different from us humans and i don’t want anyone to find out what you are.” the king said calmly. “Ah yes your majesty, my apologies” Rowan replied looking down at the floor.  “Did you know that you are the last of your kind Mr. Rowan?” the king asked politely. The king knew he shouldn’t have said anything..         

  Suddenly Rowan expanded his wings and jumped out of the king’s window. He flew silently until he found a tree and began to scream. As he screamed he cried and cried until he couldn’t cry anymore. “From this day forth i will never cry again” Rowan told himself. As he was climbing down the  tree he heard a  cry. He ignored it but stopped to investigate because the noise started getting louder and louder………..


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Another poem:

What beauty it is to see a loved one,

all grown up again,

and as you sit down,

you think of all the things you did together,

from the good times,

and to the bad times,

you fall asleep and finally drift,

to where you belong,

safe and sound.

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