Journey of the Damned Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Strauss Rosered

  Smack! “this is what your get for trying to escape!” man yelled whipping the boy even harder. All the little boy could do was cry and scream as the punishment continued. Suddenly a man appeared out of nowhere. “Is this right to be there hitting a young boy?” the man asked moving so fast that he had taken the whip from the little boys master. “W-what the hell are you!?” the boys master shouted running up to the mysterious man to hit him.

    “Oh, I’m just the only vampire alive and your about to be my snack: the man said lifting the boys master forward to his face. The man then opened his mouth showing his white teeth sharp to the touch and bit into the boys masters neck. He drank the blood feeling its taste in his mouth, he felt the blood rushing into his throat while giving him more strength then he had.

   The vampire listened to the mans heart until it stopped beating. The vampire then let go of the dead man and went to the boy.  “Are you alright?” the vampire asked sticking his hand out to the boy. The boy looked up at the vampire who had blood on his mouth, slowly and cautiously the boy began to move backwards thinking that this man would whip him too.

   “No don’t be worried I’m not going to hurt you, I just want to take you somewhere safe” the vampire told the boy while wiping the little bit of blood from his mouth. ” Okay im Rowan, what’s your name lad?” Rowan asked moving away from the boy so wouldn’t be cornered. “M-my name is Strauss Rosered” the boy told Rowan. ” I’m not-” but before the boy could continue he fainted from the blood he lost.


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