Journey of the Damned chapter 2

Chapter 2 A mistake

    King Marlone was sitting at his desk, waiting for the return of Rowan. He felt horrible for telling Rowan that he was the only vampire of his kind. “Has Rowan returned yet?” the knight asked. “no, not yet but I hope he does comeback soon” the king replied. “Why is that your majesty?” the knight questioned. “It’s beacause the enemies are here and I will die. but before  I die I want you to flee from here and find Rowan and give him this” the told the knight while handing him the necklace. “To find Rowan shout his name but make sure the enemies don’t hear you now GO!!” the king shouted, making the knight making the kight run as fast as he could.

   Just like the King predicted the enemies cane. “King Marlone! We will spare you if you hand over the little boy!”  A little boy? the King thought. “Look there is no little boy here so leave at onece!” the king roared drawing his sword.

   Meanwhile the knight rode into the night shouting Rowans name and praying that he will find him and give him the kings necklace……….

  The fighting had begun. The king, old in his looks was a great swordsman may years ago. He already knew the battle was lost but continued to fight. “Come on King give up, we have you surronded!” one of the men shouted. Finally the King’s time had come. As he went to slice another enemy, one of the men stabbed the King in the heart. The king fell to the ground knowing that he died fighting in hope that Rowan will somehow get revenge.


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